An inspirational first step..

Im sitting here, looking out of my window and thinking- Just how many of us follow our dreams and are exactly where we want to be? Just how many of us are blindly living out others dreams? Far too many i suppose..

Why? I will never understand- But i have been a victim myself, so to say! And that has just got to change.

Its gonna be a long journey- and i cant promise it’ll be easy- but i do know one thing. Its possible. Im beginning to find my dream- its a little dusty with cobwebs hanging gently over it-  But one thing is for sure – It still exists. And as i fish out my dream again- i ask of the world one thing- start hunting for your dream. Bring out the passion and desire to a safe haven you can call “you”..

I might not be the most inspirational person. But then again- this isnt about inspiration. Its about knowing who you are and where you wanna go.  This for me, is just the start. A start to relight every blown out candle. One flame at a time..In search of me.


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