A wilderness streak

The thing about nature is that it lies right in front of us, and yet we tend to ignore it, charred by our daily shenanigans.

Boxing Day found me at the Lake Nakuru National Park, a park I have visited countless times. Yet somehow, this time the visit was different. I was around my favourite people- my Family.

And it was a visit like no other. As the rising sun peeked beyond the acacia trees, we checked into the park, armed with a grand tour guide! Grand he was, for he outdid every route, and simply stunned us with the vast knowledge of a place that had taken the brunt of much ignorance.

And as I gazed out of the roof of the van, the sky was a myriad of colours. The acacia trees now stood amidst the lake- an impact of the Kenyan rains. Each tree humbly bearing its weight with a calm reflection on the duck filled waters. Nature at its best. A sight trapped against the morning sun- simply refreshing!


 And just there- in the innocence of the morning- it got me thinking. We live our lives partially unsure of the outcome of what we do, partially confused and partially double minded about life. We underestimate ourselves and do not believe. We place so much trust on a random stranger seated on the bus next to us, and yet we sparingly trust our partners. Our relations. Those we love. Those we care about. Fanatical I could be- and think about it I did.

 And if you believe in signs- then this one you will love!

 Ever placed so much trust on seeing a rare animal? That your thoughts were rooted on them? That it was the coin you flipped on a choice so unfamiliar to you?

 The rare animal was a lion. The beauty of the tree in the lake awakened a consistent doubt. The solitude of the morning brought about a feeling that had to be settled.

 The lion was the ultimate turning point. A mere glimpse- far away from the cat would have sufficed. Just one glimpse was enough to defuse the building dilemmas.

 An hour later, amidst the lush plains of the park- to the left of our van, there it was. Not one, not two, but Four Lions!!!!! And no- they didn’t just stand there. Oblivious to our excited looks, they walked across the plains, crossing the road a couple of metres away from our van. There’s was a totally different mission- a hunt. Mine was a sign.



 The beauty lay in its huge mane. Both lions with their lionesses. The brown silk spun across their bodies. Their roving eyes in search for a morning kill. Each lion showing off its sun kissed mane. Each lioness dutifully searching for their breakfast.


 As the 2 lions forced the herd of zebras to run to the left, the lionesses strategically waiting at different angles came forward- stealthily yet softly. But the grass might not have been high enough to hide in, or the zebras got out lucky- whatever the case, this wasn’t the meal for the lions.

 And that was the turning point for me. The coin had been flipped, the decision was made. And in it, a stronger sign was delivered. It wasn’t a mere glimpse. It wasn’t one lion. It was close up and majestic. But, I didn’t get to see the kill either. Yet, what I saw was another sign suggesting hope. That in the end, it was trying that counted. And how you  tried that made all the difference. That doubts and confusion are satanic feelings here to stay. That crossing the road amidst the crises is our only hope.

 That sometimes, hope is all we need. And that nature and its wildlife are mere eye openers to an era charred with unnecessary materialistic wants.



2 thoughts on “A wilderness streak

  1. Dear Nilpa,

    Now this is what we call our life, Doll I love your writing so much that it makes me feel to live one more time,

    And your deal with lions was a hard one. this is where you need to be in life, you need to also be on the writing blog whereby you help other people meaning of life.

    have a great day and hope you will write something new soon

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