Hello 2013!!

A week into 2013 finds me looking at my yearly goals-and like every other person, i have my achievable’s and non-achievable’s.
And just as most people are moving on with their year- deep in to the second week, i am taking a walk back.
Back into 2012. 2012 gave me so much to remember- oh boy- it was nothing short of being remarkably eventful! I experienced a year full of opportunities, getting my first job, being mentored, leaving a room-mate who i had lived with for a good 6years, meeting all sorts of people- some who inspired me, some who gave me a sort of a balance, some pleasant to be around- and yet even those annoyingly know-it-all kind. Phew!! Nevertheless, the year also came with its challenges – a work-life balance , coping without some now-heavenly souls..

But yet looking back- it was a beautiful year. It started of so well, and moved along swiftly- and before i knew it, the holidays were back and it was time for some more merry making!Towards mid 2012, totally wrapped up in my element, i set off to Bungee jump. A feat i say was totally magnificent! With every ounce of fear trapped on a thick elastic band wrapped around my ankles, 60metres above the ground, with the murky waters under me, i set out to jump. Every possible emotion awash in awe at what lay beneath. As i jumped, pangs of fear clutched on to me. Here i was defying gravity in style! Yet, as i hung upside down, my stomach exploded in bursts of excitement and i felt raw again. It was a feeling you will only understand whilst doing it! Those few minutes of adrenaline rush simply recharged me to get on with the rest of the year!!

bungee jump

And the rest of the year proved to be some marathon! The days just zoomed by in a frenzied mixture of work, school and the social hullabaloo.. And the holidays were a mix of sleeping in, increased appetites and merry making!  The brunt of such glorious days showing on the waistlines!

But that was last year. And whilst there would be so much to say about it, its time to think about this year and its findings.

Im not one to believe in resolutions, for they cap just how far i can go- but yes, i will make a list of what i do want in the year ahead. And hopefully- abide by them. And as the world out there makes and remakes their resolutions, you can only promise yourself one thing- Be realistic. And then work towards what you want.

7 days into the year, it has been a smooth sail. There is no guarantee that the year ahead will be just as good, but there is one thing. As the days go on, embrace them, and make something out of yourself. Don’t cap yourself. Don’t get capped. Go out, see the world- for in the nooks and crannies of majestic mountains, hilly countrysides and bubbling brooks lies a world unknown to many. Explore. Camp. Hike. Dance a little. Eat fancy. Give your boss that one idea thats been brewing in your mind. Sing in the rain. Find someone you love and grow with them.
Dont be trapped in the dogma of the yester-years. Just start living this year- and you won’t go wrong!!!


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