The Perfect Date..

Fantasies are but a part of being human.. A dream impregnated in the mind- an in between of fantasy and wishful thinking.

What did she want as the perfect date? what did he see as the perfect date? Could they realise that somewhere in between the fantasies and the wishful thinking lay a streak of rationality?

As a child she always imagined it.. she knew just how she wanted the perfect date to be. It had to be special. To be different..

There he stood in a handsome stupor- his features contoured under the fading sky. One look at her was all it took. His knees went weak- softened by her very gaze. Here they were- in a place they first met..on a date so different. So special.

It wasn’t the posh restaurant..or the expensive wine. it wasn’t the black dress and the classy suit. No- that wasn’t them. It was the laid back- chilled out nature that got them together. The one that made this date so special from the rest.


With them it was all about the stars and the moon. It was about wishing on the same shining star. About gazing into the horizon under the magical moonlit skies. It was about being out amidst natures finest places, about walking in the rain,  about exploring countrysides and just appreciating the beauty of a country unexplored. It was about sitting by camp fires and watching the sunrise. It was about playing checkers in a Spanish setting. There’s was the magic of a famous lake. The beauty of a hippo infested water. There’s was a fisherman’s tale.

Her perfect didn’t match his. His perfect was totally different from hers. But it is that very difference that brought them together. That gave them a new meaning to perfect. That united them and allowed them to be different people yet united as one in their own special way.

It makes you think- we live in a fantasy world, yet being rational is what actually tastes so much better.. That you are in touch with reality and more alive with your feelings.

That not every person needs a perfect dream date, or a perfect life. She didn’t need the perfect date after all.

That being “perfect” creates expectations that if not fulfilled can leave you hopeless- and kapish!!! That’s just the end!!

That watching fireflies in their fiery element, lights up your whole world, and leaves you mesmerized – and just as they magically conjure up their unexpected surprise, you realise that most of the time, the unexpected is what makes your life alot more magical than typical storybook endings..


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