Who’s out there..?

“Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true. You know its the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who’s standing next to you? ” ~ Peyton Sawyer

Its a question so simple, yet tremendously hard when you are in his picture called Life.  It got me wondering – that who really is there? That do we always need somebody besides us when we are engulfed by the solitude?

When you’ve accomplished a great feat- when you know you deserve much more than a few pats on the back- what is it that you are really looking for?

Its not recognition- its not even pride in accomplishment. Its mere fact cognizant to surviving the tough waters. But then again it might be different to every soul.

For me, its about knowing that you are capable. That despite the odds, you made it. And if that aint no reason to celebrate, then im not sure what is!! And the thing about great moments in life- is that they are few. Trapped in a world so materialistic and constantly whining of a lack of time- these moments, rare as they may be- scream out to us- Make time!!! Enjoy the moment before it’s gone..

And when i look at Peyton’s quote- i always wonder- just who do you want there besides you when all your dreams come true? Who will be there at that exact moment? Is it someone you need? Is it someone you want? Or is it none of the above? Is it a mere stranger who can share the joy and buckle up in your ray of sunshine- who can be there for you bound together by one piece of happiness?

Im not sure- I never will be. But it all comes down to one thing. Who ever it is- always appreciate it. Life might not give you just who you want in your golden moments. But life comes out at us from the darkness. And we can only struggle to find the courage to face it.

In moments of such reflection, you can only hope that when you stand tall and proud, when you achieve your heart’s desire, that you can look at yourself and admit that this is what you wanted. And this is where you were headed.  And as much as we want and need people around us in such moments, we need to stop sabotaging our own happiness. To quit being victims to timelessness, to much awaited ‘dialogues’, to vices and an inferior understanding of love and compassion.

We need to be happy with ourselves. We need to be happy with the people around us that are there when we need them. We need to appreciate the people who cant be there when they should be.

You can never let your hearts desire flicker away..


You can only find out just who you want besides you in that tiny moment of hope.

 x x x



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