The faded mint box

So I’m off work for a week. And I’m loving the break already! Don’t get me wrong, but its already 2 months into the year and I haven’t managed to have the time to run off for a good week or so!

Now I’m back to a small town away from the hustle and bustle of the city life- back to a place I call Home. To most it’s a small town set somewhere in the country. To me its my comfort zone, and a place I can proudly go back to any time!

Today is day 5 of my lovely break- and I just cant seem to get enough of it. The days are long and summer is in the air. The heat albeit a bit too much browning anything in its view. The quiet mid morning air is unbelievable- can silence be this refreshing?

This was the place I lived for 16 years. Before I moved out to the big city. It was the place where I had conjured up most of my dreams. And when I had left I had packed away these dreams deep in a faded mint green ice cream box.


I had filled it with all my precious memories, full of classroom notes and broken beads. Full of half torn prom tickets and fading pictures. Full of tiny pebbles and barks of trees- each holding its own story.  And I had tied hem with one sheer red ribbon.


These were the dreams and hopes of a 16 year old – one who knew no other life besides this town. Who built these dreams whilst climbing mountains and trekking within nature. Who felt safe in between the lines of a well written novel.

And last night, gazing at the few bright stars through my half open window, I fell into a deep slumber. In my dreams, I crept up a non-existent hidden stair back to this long forgotten place. Amidst the cobwebbed windows and dusty floorboards- back to an attic long dreamed of. The sunlight filtered into the quiet room. There lay a movie perfect scene- a dusty yet cosy attic. With just one ray of the light splitting across the lonely chair in this ancient wooden attic.


And somewhere amidst this movie perfect scene- I saw the brightest light ever. Like a star gleaming in a frozen sky. There lay the only piece of reality in my strange strange dream. My mint ice cream box. It stirred up memories in my heart. It brought out a smile- somewhat nostalgic to the contents of this box.

And when I could bear to look inside this box, instead of tatters and faded mementos, I found the treasures bright with the same starlight. The memories glided by the sun of the years. And there in that faded box lay my dreams as I had left them. Untarnished and unworn by the passage of time.

I woke up this morning with an unbelievable bout of happiness. No it had nothing to do with the fact that I could sleep in and not go to work in the wee morning hours. It had to do with the dream. With my faded mint box.

I felt this closeness to my dreams again. I felt the need to open this box to the few who mattered much. I felt closer to all the things and people who mattered.

All because of one faded mint box. All because of this quiet retreat in a place I call Home.

Feeling Homeish and a sense of belonging..x x x


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