A letter to you.

There is nothing more amazing than receiving a letter in the mail. A real, solid hand written letter. The joys of seeing the ink merged on the sheet – styled out in handwritings that made every letter special.

Few people today will ever experience the magnitude of anxiety that comes with receiving a letter. The fast beat of your heart as you wonder what it contains. The racing of the blood through every vein as you try to cram every line into your head- devouring the meanings in a blur of words and phrases- and if you are lucky amidst poems and odes.

I’m going back to a time i received my first letter.. It wasn’t a love letter. No it wasn’t full of meaningful poetry and emotional lines.

It was a simple letter placed on the table awaiting its turn for a read. It was simple. We were in 4th grade in any case. But that didn’t matter. It was the joy of receiving a letter from a girl i used to see every day in school- who played in the playground just like me- who skid in her socks- just like me- who even learnt to count in the same class as me.

It was a letter asking me how i was and thanking me for being her friend. That simple. That powerful.

Some 15years later- here i am reminiscing the art of such simplicity. Remembering our excitement in exchanging letters. In waiting for the next one. In keeping them ever so preciously- and looking back at them with a mind full of memories.

Letters don’t have a style- or a time. They are a reflection of an inner truth- of something so small or so silly – but yet so  meaningful at that point in time.

And over time – the letters poured in. they came in all sorts- From silly classroom letters to  long distance pen pal friends..From emotional roller coaster ones- to the ones that really made your heart skip a beat. To the ones that just said hello- and to the ones that went on for 5pages ( I lie not!!)

Forget about the technology for some time. You don’t need to be a wordsmith to write. You don’t need to worry about finding the perfect words either. Whatever you write- your words are going to  make somebody’s day. And that’s the bottomline.

And who knows- that letter you wrote- might just be the reason for your silly grin 15 years down the line!!

Go on and get writing- Nothing like receiving an unexpected letter amidst the bills in the post..

Send out that letter today. To a friend. To an im-too-lazy-to-write-a-letter boyfriend. To your mum.To a person that truly deserves a piece of you.

Till you find your letter,

x x xsend some love



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