The Secret Garden

Secrets. A word so deep. A word so heavy you could topple over with the weight.

Funny how, sometimes we keep the deepest things so secret. Tucked under layers of skin, twirled amidst the vessels and nerves that lay deep within. But truth be told, it makes you feel so alone inside, that your deepest wish is for someone to know your secret being, because then you are no longer alone. But that we rarely do.

Everyone wants more than anything to be allowed into someone else’s most secret self. Everyone wants to allow someone into their most secret self. Yet when it’s offered it’s scary, because you might not live up to the desires of the person who let you in. And frightening because you know that being let in means you’ll perhaps be expected to offer a similar gift in return. Which means giving your self away. And what’s more frightening than that? Well,more than that is letting yourself be let in but closing your own doors and not opening thy self to the other.

Secrets are a choice. I rest my case.

secret gardenToday found me at a beautiful place.

A Secret Garden.

A place so vibrant, so comforting yet perched amidst utter silence. Built around a tree, with huge footstones set in a panoramic garden.

A garden with yellow daisies and pebbled sidewalks. A garden bringing out a perfect environment to share a secret. A perfect place to let another in – A secret Garden.

daisies     garden-pebbles


“He’d kept this silence because his own secrets were darker, more hidden, and because he believed that his secrets had created hers.” Kim Edwards.

Until you find your very own secret garden, until you manage to find your secret keeper, may your secret lie in absolute safety..x x


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