Wedding Much?

Over the weekend i saw my cousin getting married. Over the years i’ve seen alot of people getting married.

Ive never been one to think about such serious issues- honestly – somethings just don’t have to be said! But it seems as though over the years, over the gazillion changes in culture and traditions i might have been thinking a teeny weeny bit about this sensitive topic.

Just how important are weddings? A few years ago i would not bat an eyelid at such a thing. But now, maybe just maybe im beginning to get curious.

I believe the point of a wedding is to unite as one and live happily ever after. ( read Bla bla bla). I also believe that this is the one day that you ought to remember no matter how small your data storage up there may be. So just how exactly do you want your day to be?

Does it  have to go the traditional way with all the beliefs and hullabaloo? Can it be simple enough to give you something to hold on to? Does it have to be a balance between ancient and modern?? I can’t as yet answer any of these- but what i do know is that it has to be magical!

And that is the bottom line.

Indian WeddingIt got me thinking whether i would like a traditional Indian wedding? Complete with the henna decorated hands and mesmerizing saree..With the waft of Indian culture in the air..With the cholesterol packed Indian sweets right up to taking rounds around the sacred fire.


It got me thinking whether i would like a white dress wedding.. Walking down the aisle complete with a white dress and flower girls. With ‘for better-or for worse’ vows..With fruit cake and blue good luck ribbons.

Well, that was just a thought.

Personal opinion: Your wedding is your own choice. We all have our own ideas of a perfect wedding.

As for my thoughts – well, get married exactly how you want to. Its your day and make it one that counts. Let it be fun yet meaningful.

But above the glamor and excitement, butterflies-in-the-tummy and cold feet, it has to be one spent with a person you can bear to live with. To me , it might not be the perfect proposal. It  might not even be the perfect setting. But it has to be the perfect relation. the one that tolerates imperfections. That does not judge. The one where you agree to disagree.

As you make find your perfect match, as you make your wedding a memorable one,as you wait for that dream to roll out, know that marriage doesnt have to be perfect. It just has to be true.humour

I leave you with one quote:

“There are guys who grow up thinking they’ll settle down some distant time in the future, and there are guys who are ready for marriage as soon as they meet the right person. The former bore me, mainly because they’re pathetic; and the latter, frankly are hard to find.” Nicholas Sparks.

Make your wedding count..x x


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