My dream or Yours?

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.”  ~ William Shakespeare.Image

And lose our ventures indeed.

We dream and we fly high – we achieve and we set new dreams. We fall flat sometimes but we have to pick ourselves, shake off the dust and get back into the game.

Yet sometimes we leave our dreams in the hands of others – for them to make it happen. Why, I ask?  Why would you dream so high – in complete detail only to let your dreams fall flat through the fingers of another?

Why may I ask would you not try to make your dream a reality? Why does your dream depend on timings and conveniences of others? If it is your dream – your own magical creation conjured up in the folds of life – why oh why does it depend on the other?

I will never understand. I will not try.

Perhaps it is how we want to share our dreams- perhaps it is who we want to share these dreams with. Perhaps it is those fingers that drop your dreams that you really want.. Perhaps – perhaps – perhaps!!

But its your dream- and you have got to live it. Find a person who cares about your dream – and then share it with them.

But never – never let your dream die. For when it dies – you stop believing. You stop dreaming. And ultimately everything around you becomes a bore.

If you want to travel somewhere – go – see the world. Seek your comfort in tales around bonefires and starry skies.

If you want to be someone – set your mark and go for it.

If you want to get married- go – get married in style and have a fairytale wedding.

Whatever it is you want – give it a shot. Don’t let your dreams fall through anothers hands. They’re your dreams for a reason.

Dare to believe..x x x


Career High!

Thursday marked a new chapter in my life. Whilst the rest of the world went on with their daily shenanigans, this day opened new doors for me. It brought with it bouts of emotions, nostalgia and even glimpses of a solid future.

For as long as I can recall- I have always wanted to climb this career ladder albeit slowly. I had always wanted to devour the experiences piece by piece- enjoying the experiences and learning from the mistakes.

Thursday was a classic end to one season of my long story.

The college years for me had been a blur of playing around, being serious only when the time called for it, meeting a jolly good variety of the human species…and the list goes on.Studying

It brought about with it the memories of skipping class to attend social events.Skipping class again, to nurse all the after effects of the social events. The memories of assignments done just in the nick of time. Of being able to cook up a million different excuses for being late to lectures…

It brought about a bout of nostalgic memories – of the people who I knew when I started off. Of the people I met along the way. Of the crazy ones who made the journey so much more interesting, of the ones who helped me discover myself. And most importantly of the ones I lost on the way.

It made me realize how a couple of people would have loved to see this achievement. Of how they were no longer a part of this joyous achievement. Some by choice – and yet others by the harsh hands of this ultimate cycle of life and death.

And those are the people who I feel I owe it most to.  Despite the circumstances, those were the ones who saw me off on this long journey. Who held my hand from near and far – and walked right behind me. To these few- Im sure you will be proud now. The journey you saw me off on is now complete. Your part in my life as much as it will be never be talked about will always be etched somewhere.

So away from the emotions- Thursday was fantastic!! I saw the closest to me happier than ever! I saw a mother filled with confusion and tears of joy!! I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Actually- I was out of that tunnel!!

The feeling was ecstatic. The words said it all.

“Congratulations. You are now an ACCA affiliate”

After a long weekend and loads of slack –  Im looking forward to a whole new chapter that awaits me.

Here’s to new beginnings and a sense of accomplishment.


x x x

A stolen dream.

Have you ever dreamt so big – you can see all the colours- every smell lingering in your memory? You know exactly what its going to be like- without even being there? You get obsessed by a place- or an event. And you know that this dream- this dream is just yours.

Its all you have ever dreamt about – its all you have ever wanted. Its the one thing that remains unchanged through the hands of time. Through all the people who have come into and out of your life. Through all the phases you have been through- good & bad.

That this dream has always made you feel alive – It had been your beacon of hope when you were almost drowning- and a buoy when the journey got weary.

The people in the dream might have changed with time. But the dream – ever so solid- remained the same.

And then one day – it all fell flat. A dream that was yours – a tailor made dream – suddenly snatched away. The scents and colours now not your own- a mere whisper to the world at large. Somebody else was living your dream. Somebody else had stolen your dream. Somebody had yanked away your dream to call it their own.

Everything you ever conjured up in your head was now shared. It was divided. Your dream is no longer “yours”. It never will be.


Find a dream. Keep it safe.

x x x