A stolen dream.

Have you ever dreamt so big – you can see all the colours- every smell lingering in your memory? You know exactly what its going to be like- without even being there? You get obsessed by a place- or an event. And you know that this dream- this dream is just yours.

Its all you have ever dreamt about – its all you have ever wanted. Its the one thing that remains unchanged through the hands of time. Through all the people who have come into and out of your life. Through all the phases you have been through- good & bad.

That this dream has always made you feel alive – It had been your beacon of hope when you were almost drowning- and a buoy when the journey got weary.

The people in the dream might have changed with time. But the dream – ever so solid- remained the same.

And then one day – it all fell flat. A dream that was yours – a tailor made dream – suddenly snatched away. The scents and colours now not your own- a mere whisper to the world at large. Somebody else was living your dream. Somebody else had stolen your dream. Somebody had yanked away your dream to call it their own.

Everything you ever conjured up in your head was now shared. It was divided. Your dream is no longer “yours”. It never will be.


Find a dream. Keep it safe.

x x x



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