It has been a week since you led our country to confusion. Since you stormed into our safe Candle_of_hopehavens and made a mockery of this thing called Life.

Innocent children wailed as you tore the merry making into a war zone. As you tore mothers from their children. As you broke up families. You fired mercilessly, you turned a bright full-of-life Mall into a Graveyard. You watched as scores of people died at your mercy. The very same people made of the same flesh and blood as yourselves.

But more than that, it has been a week of endless patriotism for us.

Your bullets tore through us and wounded even our strongest. You tried to bring our country down. You succeeded in bringing mayhem. You succeeded in killing our people. You succeeded in bringing about a fear that will long give us the shivers. Yes you succeeded in all that.

But the one thing you didn’t succeed in is strength. Every soul you tortured and killed in this week was a soul with a free spirit and a soul able to live at peace in her own country. A freedom you so long yearned for but have never succeeded. The very freedom that angered you.

But what instead you did – is you showed us a Kenya we have never seen before. We saw people come out together and hold hands. We saw different religions and races..different genders and ages come together. You helped us put aside our differences and come together. You helped us become a stronger nation.

We discovered that no human on that fateful day was greater than the other. We discovered that people of all religions were to be safe on our soils. We realised that those who bore the wrath did not die in vain.

We comforted each other, we still fed each other. We got up and though brutally shaken, we still got on with our lives. We still dared to dream. We still wished. We still prayed. As a nation, we still woke up to a sun that shone brighter than the fateful day you etched in our history.

As a country we will mourn the deaths of our fellow brothers and sisters. We will flinch at the bloodshed. But as a nation we have come together. We will heal the wounded. We will comfort the disturbed. We will overcome this.

After all, it is only HE who created us, who can decide when he wants us back. Let no human make that decision for him. Let no nation weep at the blood spilled on her soils.


Be at peace,

x x x


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