Sometimes we are faced with choices. Sometimes these are merely options. Sometimes they are decisions to be taken. And other times they are just pure changes.

What we do with them  is entirely up to us. What we decide is in our hands. What the outcome is for us to face.

We might not be the best at making choices. We might not be able to take decisions alone. But we never have to be alone at such times.

If we look around, we will always find people to support us. People to guide us and people to help us sort out our confusion at the crossroads. And that is the very purpose of being human. Getting support. Giving Support.

Sometimes giving support does not mean instant answers to decisions. Sometimes it means thinking things over and finding yourself amidst the confusion. It means being patient enough to wallow in the indecisiveness. It means taking your time to know what you want. Before you can help another.

The beauty about it is a decision well-made. Not hasty. Not shaky. A beauty in people who believe in each other. A beauty in the support amidst them all.

Support. Thats the word that goes with choices. Either you have it or you don’t. If you have it – don’t let it go. And if you don’t have the support – then its a long long journey to where you have to be.


Find your support and be safe in it..x x x


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