Today is mine.

Im breathing. Im loving. Im fighting a little. Im jumping. Im gigglling. Im fretting a little.

Im living on this fluffy cloud. Up so high. So so high. My toes are sinking in this fluff. Its warm. Its comforting. Its divine this feeling.

I can feel the butterflies in my tummy. I can feel the goosebumps on my arms. How can I not when im so close to flying?

The air is crisp like a cool Monday morning. There’s a spring to my step. There’s a bounce to my walk. My voice is twirling-dancing amidst another. My mind is not thinking. Today it doesn’t have to.

Today it can be wild and free. It can soar the world; twice if it must. Today i will live a little more. I will breathe an extra breathe. Today I can be who i want to be. I can go where I want to go. Because Today is mine.

Tomorrow can belong to you. Yesterday could also have been yours. But today is mine.

The beauty of the morning dew..The winged chirpies..Every minute ticking on my clock..All this is mine to cherish today.  The sunkissed trees..The Lovers first gaze – All this is mine  again.

For today is a brand new day. A day that will never come back again. For what I do today can make a difference. Just like what you shall do tomorrow shall make another difference.

Today I can step up above the crowd. Because today is mine.



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