Dear Stranger. I love you.

“Destiny has a way of Finding you..” Ive said this over and over and drummed it into my head. Iv believed this every single day. And now i can see it.

Over a month ago, i had the most beautiful day a girl could ever ask for. It was better than i had imagined it. It was everything i wanted and more!

I cant seem to remember exactly how we clicked. I can’t seem to remember how the days turned into months and years. But what I can remember is that sign on my wall. – “destiny has a way of finding you.” Wrapped up in my own pretty jumbled world, i bumped into this stranger. A smile from this stranger turned into a hug and a hug turned into a relation.

A relation that i carry so gingerly binding not only two once-upon-a-time strangers, but binding two families.

I will never understand the Love-Syndrome. But what i will understand is having somebody to share your weight. Someone who will hold your hand when you feel like you can walk no more. Someone who can annoy the living daylights out of you but keep your heart throbbing at the very thought. Someone who loves what you hate..and hates what you love.. yes – it happens!


The day was nothing short of being Fabulous.

To the stranger i fell for – Maybe your destiny found me..or maybe My destiny found you. Maybe just maybe it was etched on that one wishing star that we both gazed upon.

Maybe just maybe – Destiny did find you.

x x x


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