Travel Bug!

The year started off with some more globe trotting. A series of fantastic middle east culture and tones of different experiences – a vibrant continent with its rich cultures and affluent ways of life.

Sunsets experienced at different altitudes, and century-old traditions on ground zero. A fantastic end to being smitten by the travel bug!

A month and a half into the new year – I pat myself for not having any of those cringeworthy resolutions. Instead i smile at the hard work that earned me those travels that I can take to the grave with me.Image

Well, the travelling made me see just how ignorant we are to the world around us. We seem to be wrapped up in this bubble that has made us a little too comfortable for our own good. We are oblivious to the fact that we live cocooned in this life – with mere glimpses to the lifestyles around us.

Whatever happened to being free-spirited? A lot of our species seems to have lost that – entwined in the daily shenanigans that life brings along. We need to go out there more often. We need to meet other people- people who show you that your problems are only but a percent of the sorrow in this world. 


Look at the different ways of doing things. Learn something new. Kick out an old habit and carry on board something fresh. Try swimming in a different ocean. Try experiencing different cuisines. Feel free as you move around. Gain back your lost momentum as you swirl through the miles.

Watch people living their lives. In reflection, watch your own life as if on slow-mo. And then capture it all. It’s a keepsake that no soul can rob you of.

Sometimes we work too hard – don’t get me wrong – you are only going to see the world if you do work hard! But yes- work hard enough and know where to draw the line. Travel a little more – get out of the safety bubble you’ve known forever. Experience a different side of the creation and find your safe haven in it.

Be free whilst doing this and find a place that gives you 48 hours in 24. Believe you me – it exists. You just have to look for it whole heartedly.


So go on – bring out the passport and travel a little. You will not be disappointed.

As I look forward to my next travel, take time to find your own!


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