Leave her..Or Love her.

Leave her if you feel she isn’t the one. If you feel she cannot make sense of your male ego. If she honestly irritates the living daylights out of you. If she would make a better friend than the mother of your kids – Leave her. 

But, if she fits into your life like you were soulmates reunited from a past life- if she believes so strongly in you with a faith you cannot comprehend, If she annoys the sleep out of you but ever so gently stands by you the next morning- then Love her.

Love her because she understands a part of you that you yourself cannot express. Love her because even though she drives you out of the levels of normal sanity, she still adores you and she isn’t afraid to show it. 

Love her because of that occasional streak of jealousy you unexpectedly catch on her face- she is after all just but human. Adore her because she isn’t out to impress you. She is out to keep you. She will run the kitchen in sweat pants and messy slept in hair – yes – she did this for you.

Love her because you can see her in your future. Love her because you have her. Love her because she too might have a beautifully broken past- just like you. It is after all two broken souls who can fix each other.

Love her – and love her deeply. Open up to her. Slowly, feeling by feeling, open up your doors to her. Let her be the carrier of your heart. Of your soul. Let her into your every secret. Your every scar. Your every cry. Love her not because of who you are – but love her because of you are when you are with her.

And if after all that you still can’t love her – Then leave. Not understanding a girl is deeper than you realize. It destroys her outlook on love, her future in the relationship and her peace within herself. By all means leave her.



















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