Sometimes you come across an old message – and you realise how much you miss that person.. Sometimes you smell a scent and you remember the scent etched somewhere in your memory. Sometimes you go to a place..and it just doesn’t feel complete enough this time round.

Sometimes you walk through the park , and you remember a sudden joke. You smile to yourself. A memory.

Sometimes you look at an old picture. Flashback of the moment it was captured. Memory.

Sometimes you taste the untoasted sandwich and it doesn’t taste as good anymore. Memory

This memory – Will it go? Should it go?


I think not. Anything that makes you smile – past or present, should be held on to. But then again – that’s what i think.

Its amazing what these memories can do. They can make you. They can break you. Some memories are as beautiful as they get. Some you will never have imagined. Some hurt – but these ones, let them fade away. Slowly.

And then sometimes..In the middle of nowhere, you look up and you realise that the memory..the scent..the sound..they were beautiful. And that this memory is something you wouldn’t change for the world. That it sparks up a glow in your heart every once in a while. That this memory – found itself in some corner of your soul. All but just for you.

Because every memory has some sort of purpose. It shapes us. It makes us who we are today.

After all,most things don’t last forever- but some things do.Like a good song..Or a good book..Or a good memory you can take out and unfold in your darkest of times.

x X x




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