Never say Never

Never believe that the Dream you dream is too big. Never crush it bit by bit in a frenzied hurry. Never let any one else’s opinion outshine your dream. Because you – yes you – are meant to shine!

Everybody has their own Dream. Everybody deserves a lift now and again. There is after all enough ‘shine’ for each and every one of us!

Do what makes you happy – with whoever makes you happy.

If he genuinely makes you happy, If he makes you Laugh, If he knows how to make a drab day fab – Tell him. Marry Him. Be with him. Do what ever it takes to claim what you genuinely deserve. Smudged mascaras and panda eyes just don’t do it anymore!

If you need a holiday – take one. See the world. Breathe the cultures. Write about them. Be spontaneous. Be fun – don’t for crying out out – don’t be trapped in your own little world! This globe – it has things to offer beyond your imagination. Movie under the stars? Yes these things do happen! Go out there!

If drinking plain water tickles your fancy – then by all means go for that. Having wines and fancy cocktails will rock all boats but yours. And those in my opinion, are all the wrong boats anyway!!

Do exactly what makes you happy. And that is the bottom line.

We wait for forever for the right person. For the right time. For the right bunch of flowers. But just what is the right time? How do you define how right ‘right’ is?

Problem is we always undermine our potential for greatness.We believe good is okay, when we can be great. We settle on anything when life has so much more to offer us.

Happy after all is good – But living with a passion – that dear reader – that is the ultimate winner.

Have Hope instead of Fear. Because that is a life worth living!


x x x


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