Dear Girl – Happy does exist.

Why does it seem like the world just pretends to be happy these days? Is happy the new fake? Where did this ‘Happy’ go anyway?

Why does it feel like most girls have this ravaging battle that tears them up inside?images

STOP!! Stop being unhappy. You are perfect as you are. It starts with you. Stop hating your body. Worship it instead. Love your face. Embrace your curves – or lack of them. Don’t let anybody make you feel inferior! Photoshop made nobody feel perfect after all!!

Just feel good about yourself. Because you are special. And nobody can change that.

Now find somebody to share this happiness with. Remember you get into a relationship to be happy. To laugh. To make memories. Not to be upset or cry or argue all the time. If he makes you feel special all the time – then what have you to loose? Marry him anyway!! Don’t give up on your self-respect. Because thats what makes you who you are. Give that relation your all.

And if he cheats on you – then don’t be afraid to walk away. Because real men are faithful. Because a real man will inspire you to do things you would never have imagined you could do. Because a real man will allow you to express your deepest emotions without fear. He will make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. He will empower you to be confident and invincible.

Because a real man will make you his ideal woman. He will respect you enough to never truly secretly fantasize about women pornstars. He knows that your body is a temple. And he respects that.

Because a real man NEVER hides. He never hides feelings or thoughts. He bares them all with you. Because he believes in you. Because you are special. Yes -You are special.

And as Girl Code No #117 goes – “Cheating isn’t always flirting, kissing or touching. If you gotta delete text messages or phone calls from your phone, then you’re already cheating!” 

After all, no girl deserves a man who is Faithful on the outside, yet cheating in their Inbox!!

Enough said!!

And for crying out loud – do not suck the soul out of your life yet! Be a vibrant, goal-oriented woman ( So much more appealing than a woman who sits around and waits for a Man to validate her existence!)

Decide what matters the most to you and do it.

Listen to the music and dance to the beat. Better still – bring out your dancing heels – because Life is one big dance floor!

Follow your inspirations and never – never be afraid to be yourself. And don’t forget – be the girl that can be trusted on. That girl will go a long way!

g                                         !7054

Just Live a Life that matters. Believe in yourself.

x x x

x x


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