If there’s one thing that’s true in this world – it’s to fight for what you feel. Fight for whats right. Fight for what you believe in. Fight when you know it shouldn’t have to be any other way. Fight when it’s important to you.

Because when you don’t stand up for what matters, then you give away the parts of the universe that should have mattered the most to you – but in your fallen battle it somehow gets washed away.

Don’t settle for mere just enough’s. Just settling isn’t good enough! Fight for what you want.

What you want might not be what others want. It might not even be what the universe wants. But if it matters to you then its worth every single fight.

Because life – this life is yours. Nobody should stop you from touching the stars. Because stars exist – you just have to fight hard enough.

You just need to make it matter to you. And that ultimately should be your purpose.


x x


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