Dear Best Friend..

I don’t get to see you everyday.

Infact, I don’t get to see you as often as I’d like.

But this isn’t about me. This is about you.

It’s about how much I miss you.

I miss you in the morning – because your chirpiness matched mine.

I missed you when I wore my best dress – because you never failed to notice. You made dressing up feel worth it, because you noticed.

I miss you when I feel like going to work in my pajamas – actually I miss all the teasing about being a total bum!

I miss you when I am out. Because places remind me of you. Because Id rather see all this with you once again then be mesmerised alone.

I miss you when I read – because though you were allergic to books, I could read to you. And you would listen to me in awe.

I miss you when I eat – Our tastebuds an absolute match!

I miss you when I cook – because experimenting new things was what we did best.

I  miss you when I sleep – Because you never failed to find some silly story for me (At the expense of having your own sleep driven away)

But most of all Best Friend,

I miss you when I’m Happy – because Happiness shared is Happiness doubled. Because only you can jump in joy 10 times IMG_8466and give me countless hugs. Because you know that happiness deserves cupcakes and cocktails, little happy notes and shopping dates. Because you spoilt me even when i Didn’t deserve it.

and I miss you when Im sad – because that’s when I need you the most. Because god dammit- you were this strength that is quite hard to find. Because you understood the sadness. And you always – I repeat ALWAYS made things better.

I miss you friend. For alot more reasons than I can write about.

I miss you for the little silly thing you are. Because its that silliness that i miss. Because only Best friends buy imaginary beach houses and Play XO on beaches under the moon.

I miss you best friend.

Alot more than you’ll ever know..

x x x


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