Terrorism within us


The word itself rings with fear. You picture the grotesque killings. The innocent bloodshed. Stop! Stop that thought there.

Terrorism as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is a noun that simply put, means:

“the use of violent acts to frighten the people in an area as a way of trying to achieve a political goal.”

But today i ask, how many different forms of terrorism exist in our lives as we speak? Im not talking about the world renowned big names. No thank you politics isn’t one of my favourites.

Im talking terrorism in our communities. In our homes. In our very own families.

You see, terrorism uses violent acts to frighten people.Violence need not be physical. Violence can be the mere act of verbal abuse, putting someone down, isolation,bullying…the list is endless!

How many of us have experienced bitter relatives?  The ones who glee with joy at your every downfall, and have a sour long face when you have the best of worlds.

The ones who couldn’t care less whether you were dead or alive, but would still turn up at your wedding to simply show of to the world – a world that anyway knows the truth!

The ones who saw you in the supermarket and walked the other way.

The ones who when you tried to say a meek hello out of respect that you were brought up with, simply ignored you.

The ones who took ‘sides’ in families and isolated you. The ones who saw you as never good enough.

Those are the real terrorists. The ones who know you and yet ignore you. The ones who silently try to harm you. The ones who go ahead and add the extra pinch of salt so that your food is a disgrace. That is a real terrorist.

One who tries to instill fear in you.

As you grow up, remember one thing. Don’t be the terrorist in your family. Don’t be the terrorist in your community.

A strong person is one who lifts you up. Who smiles when you succeed and brings out the tissue box when you don’t.

Unfortunately, that is rare to find. But it starts with you and me. It isn’t impossible.

If we start with strengthening our own homes, we end up with stronger families. This ultimately leads to stronger communities. And stronger communities that hold each other up eventually lead to stronger nations. Need i continue?

And if you choose to be the narrow minded terrorist, remember one thing – your journey here was wasted. And when you are gone, nobody will bat an eyelid over you.

Use your time on this earth wisely.

Happy Tuesday..x x







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