Travel Bug!

The year started off with some more globe trotting. A series of fantastic middle east culture and tones of different experiences – a vibrant continent with its rich cultures and affluent ways of life.

Sunsets experienced at different altitudes, and century-old traditions on ground zero. A fantastic end to being smitten by the travel bug!

A month and a half into the new year – I pat myself for not having any of those cringeworthy resolutions. Instead i smile at the hard work that earned me those travels that I can take to the grave with me.Image

Well, the travelling made me see just how ignorant we are to the world around us. We seem to be wrapped up in this bubble that has made us a little too comfortable for our own good. We are oblivious to the fact that we live cocooned in this life – with mere glimpses to the lifestyles around us.

Whatever happened to being free-spirited? A lot of our species seems to have lost that – entwined in the daily shenanigans that life brings along. We need to go out there more often. We need to meet other people- people who show you that your problems are only but a percent of the sorrow in this world. 


Look at the different ways of doing things. Learn something new. Kick out an old habit and carry on board something fresh. Try swimming in a different ocean. Try experiencing different cuisines. Feel free as you move around. Gain back your lost momentum as you swirl through the miles.

Watch people living their lives. In reflection, watch your own life as if on slow-mo. And then capture it all. It’s a keepsake that no soul can rob you of.

Sometimes we work too hard – don’t get me wrong – you are only going to see the world if you do work hard! But yes- work hard enough and know where to draw the line. Travel a little more – get out of the safety bubble you’ve known forever. Experience a different side of the creation and find your safe haven in it.

Be free whilst doing this and find a place that gives you 48 hours in 24. Believe you me – it exists. You just have to look for it whole heartedly.


So go on – bring out the passport and travel a little. You will not be disappointed.

As I look forward to my next travel, take time to find your own!


My dream or Yours?

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.”  ~ William Shakespeare.Image

And lose our ventures indeed.

We dream and we fly high – we achieve and we set new dreams. We fall flat sometimes but we have to pick ourselves, shake off the dust and get back into the game.

Yet sometimes we leave our dreams in the hands of others – for them to make it happen. Why, I ask?  Why would you dream so high – in complete detail only to let your dreams fall flat through the fingers of another?

Why may I ask would you not try to make your dream a reality? Why does your dream depend on timings and conveniences of others? If it is your dream – your own magical creation conjured up in the folds of life – why oh why does it depend on the other?

I will never understand. I will not try.

Perhaps it is how we want to share our dreams- perhaps it is who we want to share these dreams with. Perhaps it is those fingers that drop your dreams that you really want.. Perhaps – perhaps – perhaps!!

But its your dream- and you have got to live it. Find a person who cares about your dream – and then share it with them.

But never – never let your dream die. For when it dies – you stop believing. You stop dreaming. And ultimately everything around you becomes a bore.

If you want to travel somewhere – go – see the world. Seek your comfort in tales around bonefires and starry skies.

If you want to be someone – set your mark and go for it.

If you want to get married- go – get married in style and have a fairytale wedding.

Whatever it is you want – give it a shot. Don’t let your dreams fall through anothers hands. They’re your dreams for a reason.

Dare to believe..x x x

Heart in a pocket.


She carried her heart in her pocket,

For then it would never be  a-miss.

She held it close in a drunken stupor,

For cracked it lay on a sober morning.

She dared to smile as he touched her heart.

But they both knew it was time to part.

He did not try,

She did not cry,

They had known it was always a lie.

x  x  x

Tough Week?

Tough Week?

Sometimes you try your best but its just not good enough. Sometimes a few words can make you doubt yourself. Sometimes the harder you try the worse of you are.
But that doesn’t mean you give up. It means you get back into the game and play harder than ever.
It means you do your best – and never let anyone throw yo off. I mean its one thing to be corrected- dont get me wrong- being corrected is how you learn. But its a totally different thing being undervalued.
Know your work- and do it well. Clock in and clock outs are for stereotypes. Working well and with a zeal is for winners.
Don’t let a boss determine your future. Its yours for a reason.
If you’re having a hard week at work- remember- come out strong and learn from it. Stand on the sidelines and watch the bigger picture.
You cant go wrong then.

x x x

Wedding Much?

Over the weekend i saw my cousin getting married. Over the years i’ve seen alot of people getting married.

Ive never been one to think about such serious issues- honestly – somethings just don’t have to be said! But it seems as though over the years, over the gazillion changes in culture and traditions i might have been thinking a teeny weeny bit about this sensitive topic.

Just how important are weddings? A few years ago i would not bat an eyelid at such a thing. But now, maybe just maybe im beginning to get curious.

I believe the point of a wedding is to unite as one and live happily ever after. ( read Bla bla bla). I also believe that this is the one day that you ought to remember no matter how small your data storage up there may be. So just how exactly do you want your day to be?

Does it  have to go the traditional way with all the beliefs and hullabaloo? Can it be simple enough to give you something to hold on to? Does it have to be a balance between ancient and modern?? I can’t as yet answer any of these- but what i do know is that it has to be magical!

And that is the bottom line.

Indian WeddingIt got me thinking whether i would like a traditional Indian wedding? Complete with the henna decorated hands and mesmerizing saree..With the waft of Indian culture in the air..With the cholesterol packed Indian sweets right up to taking rounds around the sacred fire.


It got me thinking whether i would like a white dress wedding.. Walking down the aisle complete with a white dress and flower girls. With ‘for better-or for worse’ vows..With fruit cake and blue good luck ribbons.

Well, that was just a thought.

Personal opinion: Your wedding is your own choice. We all have our own ideas of a perfect wedding.

As for my thoughts – well, get married exactly how you want to. Its your day and make it one that counts. Let it be fun yet meaningful.

But above the glamor and excitement, butterflies-in-the-tummy and cold feet, it has to be one spent with a person you can bear to live with. To me , it might not be the perfect proposal. It  might not even be the perfect setting. But it has to be the perfect relation. the one that tolerates imperfections. That does not judge. The one where you agree to disagree.

As you make find your perfect match, as you make your wedding a memorable one,as you wait for that dream to roll out, know that marriage doesnt have to be perfect. It just has to be true.humour

I leave you with one quote:

“There are guys who grow up thinking they’ll settle down some distant time in the future, and there are guys who are ready for marriage as soon as they meet the right person. The former bore me, mainly because they’re pathetic; and the latter, frankly are hard to find.” Nicholas Sparks.

Make your wedding count..x x

The Secret Garden

Secrets. A word so deep. A word so heavy you could topple over with the weight.

Funny how, sometimes we keep the deepest things so secret. Tucked under layers of skin, twirled amidst the vessels and nerves that lay deep within. But truth be told, it makes you feel so alone inside, that your deepest wish is for someone to know your secret being, because then you are no longer alone. But that we rarely do.

Everyone wants more than anything to be allowed into someone else’s most secret self. Everyone wants to allow someone into their most secret self. Yet when it’s offered it’s scary, because you might not live up to the desires of the person who let you in. And frightening because you know that being let in means you’ll perhaps be expected to offer a similar gift in return. Which means giving your self away. And what’s more frightening than that? Well,more than that is letting yourself be let in but closing your own doors and not opening thy self to the other.

Secrets are a choice. I rest my case.

secret gardenToday found me at a beautiful place.

A Secret Garden.

A place so vibrant, so comforting yet perched amidst utter silence. Built around a tree, with huge footstones set in a panoramic garden.

A garden with yellow daisies and pebbled sidewalks. A garden bringing out a perfect environment to share a secret. A perfect place to let another in – A secret Garden.

daisies     garden-pebbles


“He’d kept this silence because his own secrets were darker, more hidden, and because he believed that his secrets had created hers.” Kim Edwards.

Until you find your very own secret garden, until you manage to find your secret keeper, may your secret lie in absolute safety..x x

A Tanzanian Safari – A beautiful confusion.

So this is one overdue piece of writing- nevertheless Tanzania it was – a getaway close to my heart until i figure out where my next adventure takes place!

This country beautiful as it may be was a mixture of all sorts for me. With under 2 days to get right to the core- it seemed time wasn’t on my side. The safari was a jumble of memories- some of which i will write on.

This blog might seem somewhat confusing- but maybe that is its very purpose. Some things it seems to me – only make sense much much later!

The safari seemed in its very element to be surrounded amidst picturesque views and dazzling animals. A 6 am safari to the Ngorongoro Crater revealed pleasant surprises in kind. As our guide stopped at the peak of the crater- he enlightened us to a beautiful crater hidden here in the folds of Tanzania. Vast areas of green with a mirror-like lake in the middle. Never mind the chill that made me chatter!

Ngorongoro Crater

The clouds passed by like cotton candy- not tantalizing to the tongue, yet every bit ecstatic to the smooth of the skin. Did someone say Heaven on Earth?

A journey down this crater revealed a treasure like no other. Not only were we armed with an amazing driver who knew his thing- we also had our very own “self-made” Travel guide-friend – who insisted every hill had this long name that you would forget, and every species had 2 scientific names! Oh the agony! ( I promise you he is worth hiring!)

The beauty about these animals as we discovered lay in the fact that these animals were here naturally. No mankind interference. No planned wildlife- simply natural!! The lions grazed besides the zebra’s. watching ever so carefully – probably yearning for a meal or simply domineering over its area. the zebra’s in every bit graceful- munching away at the lush crater-bed grass.

That is until we notice a huge lion panting 2  metres away from our van. He looked old and his mane tattered- a result of years and years of defending his throne.

SimbaHis panting got heavier and heavier until it lay in the cool puddle of muddy water- awaiting a mid morning siesta. It felt as though after all his years he had somewhat completed the mission he was sent here for- and he now humbly lay besides us posing as the beauty he once was- showing off a beauty that will always be..


The Rest of the Tanzanian safari was a mixture of culture and some farm life. yes- feeding cows!! So that’s not really your typical safari- but remember the confusion bit? Yes- welcome to my safari!!

We got a feel of the Masai culture- from their Manyatta’s to their clothing- to their culture and rhythms of life.

Farm life! And that’s where the cows come in. Masai’s are natural cow herders. Its their prized possession. So the little villager side of me came out- alongside this awesome Kano-Boy who just looks like a natural amidst the cows.. and there we were- Moo’ing away with the cows- feeding them and occasionally stepping on fresh Cow dung- Oh boy!! Someday i must own a farm!!!


I must not forget an awesome pot i saw in the Masai Village. It was a brown earthen pot- with a cow skin laced onto it- sitting in a green- almost neon light. I asked my self -just how magical did this look? Many walked past this pot- yet it struck my eye as extraordinary.

Neon potIt was more like a human. Natural and beautiful covered up in a skin so fine. Sitting so quietly and wisely- was it full of secrets? Or did it hold a deathly secret? I could not tell. I leave you with its image- and ask but of you- how do you judge something so fine?


The rest of the trip was a blur of meals and fine dining. Of dancing away to African beats and running around in the pounding late night rain. Sleep was but limited- trying to squeeze in plenty of sight seeing.

Tanzania was great and a well deserving break. I’m not sure whether you will understand the confusion in my safari. I’m not sure whether you are lost amidst the wildlife and farmlife. Amidst the cultures and serenity of a crater so huge..

kenyan-flagHowever, 3 days later – here i was crossing borders once again- back to a place i call home. My motherland- Kenya. And the confusion seemed to have instantaneously vanished. I’m not sure whether it was my mind sensing a land that had nurtured me – or the simple flurry of activity in our sister country borders. Whatever it was, this was a trip to remember.

One that let my confusion gel together in a fusion of fine memories, each leaving a mark in a haphazard yet defined way.

To the safaris we hold close to our hearts,

x x x