Kenya in the past few days has had its fair share of being in the global limelight – both good and bad.

Im not one to normally write about such topical political issues, but this one just hit a nerve.

TerrorHotbed. Is that what you called us CNN? IS that how you termed our beloved country?

And just who gave you the right to say that? What justifies your thought on another country?

Yes we have terror attacks. Yes we have insecurity. Yes we are in fear of more attacks. Yes we are a developing nation. But that dear media does not give you any right whatsoever to term us as you please.

Did you mention to the world how we have the world-famous migration in the Masai Mara? Did you mention to the world just how hard our victory to independence was? Did you mention how your citizens come as tourists for our scenic destinations? Did you mention the numerous races and cultures we still preserve in our country? Did you even mention that the Global Summit was being held in this Terror Hotbed?

No dear CNN. Because like most people out there you were too busy picking out our flaws.

Media has the freedom of speech- but why does the very same media go on and on day in day out to give us negative news? Is your mission to fill the brains out there full of terror and negativity?

Have you ever stopped to think just how your “terror hotbed” might just be a reason for a terrorist somewhere to smile? Are you fueling the fight or are you out there to help us get back our calm?

Take a moment CNN – Maybe if your reported us and the rest of the world in a positive light, you might just bring about a new revolutionary positive mind shift. Because thats what we need. We need the world to see good and do good.

As a developed nation, the most you could have done is to guide us out of this. Dont fuel this fire. Don’t send your reporters looking for “hot” topics to right about. Send them to write about our endless rivers. About our picturesque Mt Kenya. About the stylish holiday getaways that overlook crocodile infested waters. About craters and valleys. About gorges and deserts. About mud huts and thatched roofs. About out innovations. About our evolving technology. About our ability to fight back to this monster called terrorism. About the ability to stand up as a nation.

Remember – OBAMA or no Obama – Life goes on for us. Your terror hotbed might be a standstill for this weekend, but we will wake up on Monday morning and forget about your name calling. We will go to work and earn our daily bread. We will shape our economy as our kids learn one more thing this Monday morning.1

Lest you forget what humanity is about, we are trying.

Remember CNN, if our #kiderograss grew overnight – Nothing – I repeat Nothing is impossible in our country.

Give us the spotlight CNN – but for all the right reasons this time