Marry a girl who Travels.Now.

You will know her when you see her. You will either love her, Or you will hate her. There is no in between here.

If you hate her, you need not read this. But if you Love her – then know that this might be the simplest kind of Love ever.

1. Marry her because it really is the simplest form of Love ever. Her expectations of you aren’t high end dinner dates or 5 star getaways. Her love will be the love of sleeping on the African Soil. It will come as backpacking the Middle East. She doesn’t even want Gucci handbags or Prada Shoes. Get her a budget ticket to anywhere on the Planet and you will be her Hero for eternity. Yes – She will put you on a pedestal and worship you! Guaranteed.

2. Marry her because she is fun. And always will be. She will crave new experiences. Both on her travels and with you. She will never be the predictable sort who bogs you down in a mundane lifestyle. She will always crave new. And the best bit – she will want to share it all with you.

3. Marry her because it isn’t her thing to doll up and attend your fancy functions. But she will try it just for you. She will goof up in her unworn stillettos, because she knows it matters to you. And after that, she will go back to her normal self. Shorts. ti-shirts. Make-up free. Because she is comfortable  – her brain is a buzz of real beauty – the kind that doesnt get washed away or wrinkled with age.

4.Marry her because she will not settle for mediocre. She knows there is too much out there to just settle for little nothings. She knows what she wants – and goes for it. She is decisive. And nothing is sexier than an independent, decisive woman.

5. And when she pitches her own tent and budgets her own trip? Marry her. Marry her because she will know how to run the household show. Because she can keep home like its her Passport. Safe and sound.

6. Marry her because she will love people. She appreciates diversity. She loves the look of fellow wanderers. She will not settle for people who bore her. She will not waste her time around those who add nothing to her perception of beauty of the world.

7. Marry her because she takes months to save up to see a fraction of the earth. And nothing could make her happier. Because she understands why she works so hard. To allow her to see the world. She makes time for it. Because she knows that work will stop for nobody. Because she knows she will not live up to infinity.

8. And that girl – she will have the best stories to put you to sleep. You will watch your children’s eyes light up with her stories. You will see them bonding for hours listening to tales about places they have never imagined existed. And you will fall in love with her again.

9. Marry her because she will never forget you. She will never go alone, because she can’t wait to share the world with you. She will throw up a tantrum until you go with her – because she knows you deserve experiences as beautiful as yourself. Because just as she can’t wait to see a new place, she can’t wait to show you off to the world. Because you embrace her passions. You fill her up. And the best she can do is fill you up in return.

10. Marry her because she knows the beauty in this world. She will be appreciative of the little notes you leave her besides her breakfast plate.She will leave your Valentines Day card on her bedside for months – until the next card arrives – because she knows you are part of her journey. A journey she will not leave unexplored.

And finally – remember – she is worth it – Because she has met so  many different people, and been to so many different places. She could have chosen anyone from her map – but she chose you. Because when she says she loves you – then there must be something special there.

Match her excitement. All she wants is someone to share this with.

Marry her.

Because that’s what a girl who loves to travel does. She loves to see the world. Preferably with you.



Leave her..Or Love her.

Leave her if you feel she isn’t the one. If you feel she cannot make sense of your male ego. If she honestly irritates the living daylights out of you. If she would make a better friend than the mother of your kids – Leave her. 

But, if she fits into your life like you were soulmates reunited from a past life- if she believes so strongly in you with a faith you cannot comprehend, If she annoys the sleep out of you but ever so gently stands by you the next morning- then Love her.

Love her because she understands a part of you that you yourself cannot express. Love her because even though she drives you out of the levels of normal sanity, she still adores you and she isn’t afraid to show it. 

Love her because of that occasional streak of jealousy you unexpectedly catch on her face- she is after all just but human. Adore her because she isn’t out to impress you. She is out to keep you. She will run the kitchen in sweat pants and messy slept in hair – yes – she did this for you.

Love her because you can see her in your future. Love her because you have her. Love her because she too might have a beautifully broken past- just like you. It is after all two broken souls who can fix each other.

Love her – and love her deeply. Open up to her. Slowly, feeling by feeling, open up your doors to her. Let her be the carrier of your heart. Of your soul. Let her into your every secret. Your every scar. Your every cry. Love her not because of who you are – but love her because of you are when you are with her.

And if after all that you still can’t love her – Then leave. Not understanding a girl is deeper than you realize. It destroys her outlook on love, her future in the relationship and her peace within herself. By all means leave her.


















Dear Stranger. I love you.

“Destiny has a way of Finding you..” Ive said this over and over and drummed it into my head. Iv believed this every single day. And now i can see it.

Over a month ago, i had the most beautiful day a girl could ever ask for. It was better than i had imagined it. It was everything i wanted and more!

I cant seem to remember exactly how we clicked. I can’t seem to remember how the days turned into months and years. But what I can remember is that sign on my wall. – “destiny has a way of finding you.” Wrapped up in my own pretty jumbled world, i bumped into this stranger. A smile from this stranger turned into a hug and a hug turned into a relation.

A relation that i carry so gingerly binding not only two once-upon-a-time strangers, but binding two families.

I will never understand the Love-Syndrome. But what i will understand is having somebody to share your weight. Someone who will hold your hand when you feel like you can walk no more. Someone who can annoy the living daylights out of you but keep your heart throbbing at the very thought. Someone who loves what you hate..and hates what you love.. yes – it happens!


The day was nothing short of being Fabulous.

To the stranger i fell for – Maybe your destiny found me..or maybe My destiny found you. Maybe just maybe it was etched on that one wishing star that we both gazed upon.

Maybe just maybe – Destiny did find you.

x x x

Heart in a pocket.


She carried her heart in her pocket,

For then it would never be  a-miss.

She held it close in a drunken stupor,

For cracked it lay on a sober morning.

She dared to smile as he touched her heart.

But they both knew it was time to part.

He did not try,

She did not cry,

They had known it was always a lie.

x  x  x