Looking back – the moments that I can intimately remember – are the ones where I was away from my comfort zone. When I was travelling parts of the world yet unknown by me.

I still remember the taste of the air. I still remember the saltiness of the sea. I remember the cold of the mountain snow. The colours of the tropical island birds. I remember the multicultural food palette I developed. I remember the fiery wildlife. The skies. The sunsets. The people.Travel

Yes -those are the memories that I take to my grave. Because those are the memories that matter most – to me at least.

This world has so much to offer – yet we stay cocooned in our safety zones. We fill our days with busy work schedules, and give but an hour or two to wind down before we hit the bed. Don’t get me wrong – you need to work to finance that travel!! But prioritize.

What use are the $$$ if you truly can’t enjoy the fruit of all the slogging? What will you remember on your deathbed? The hundreds of contracts you won..or the finer places that changed your perception of beauty? As a fine wise man who took me for dinner 2 nights ago said – “We save and save and then die rich.” Point made.

Choice is yours!!

Because travelling allows you to see the world as it is – to widen your self-glorified perception. It helps you discover who you are. It helps you run away from whatever it is that threatens to hold you down. It helps you connect with people on a similar level. You meet strangers. Strangers who understand you and become a part of you. You learn to be a people’s person. you learn to make friends. You learn to let go off attachments. It’s like a soul clean up really!

Because thats what travelling does- it opens up a whole new world to you.

And honestly it’s not that difficult! Later never happens. Life goes on. It will not stop for your travels. Never has – Never will.

When you are out counting your shares on the stock market – she is counting the stars in the night sky. She will always be richer. When you are showing off your new 4-wheeler, she is showing off her postcards from her latest travel. When you are busy making your life even more hectic – her mind is brewing up her next adventure. Whilst you layer up that make-up – he is adoring his sun-kissed skin.

My question is  why not now? Why? What are you waiting for? Life to happen? Because that it will. Tomorrow you will graduate and get a  job – no time you say? Then you will get married and settle in – do i hear busy again? Then comes along domestic duties..a baby or two..still busy? See those lil ones off school – university them – no money? Then finally marry them away – retire from your job – now you have all the time to see the world.But guess what? Your bones are old and brittle. You can’t climb up Everest. Your fragile skin can’t take the Caribbean heat. Suddenly – you realise your palm is very empty. And you realise how long you waited.

Don’t let anyone stop you. Your deathbed doesn’t have place for regrets of another.

So open your maps – go out there. And if you are lucky – find someone as mad as you to take with you. A travel shared is a travel treasured.

Remember – the world is a book.Those who do not travel read only one page.



Why Travelling the world is now a priority.

Travelling might be expensive. It might even get you the unsettled name.It might be too much for a person who sees nothing beyond the career horizon. But it is real. It is as real as anything else you have ever wanted.

 But for the typical person – it is a misfit. It is anything but real. For the wanderluster – it  means the world. Here’s why:

1. To know yourself, you need to be free. You need to see the world beyond your tiny stagnant social life. Theres only one way of knowing what you can do- through the experiences you have with others. Yes that hippie you met on the bus ride to Bolivia? Yes she has the most amazing mind blowing stories to tell you. And that 2am walk on some exotic beach? Probably the most peaceful thing you have done in a while!

2. When you seek for adventure, every force on your travel gives in to you. You see a beauty that you never thought of. You open your imagination to the unknown. To adventures and risks galore. You learn to trust. And before you know it – you learn to believe in yourself. And then tear away the stereotype and learn to believe in others too. 

3. You let go of your materialistic nature. The only belongings you do have, are the ones you travelled with. That gift your girlfriend never bought you-Old news!! The only things that truly do matter are the memories you carry – and you have them right there in your grey matter. Each and every one of them. Walking treasure? Yes – now you realise!

4.You are going to meet alot of people. A hell load of people! You will be in touch with the reality that yes – normal people is just a word. Most people fall out of that box. They fall in any other category but normal. And then suddenly that hollywood conceived concept that perfection means dotted i’s and unsmudged eyeliner fades away. 

5.And this leads you to accept yourself for who you are. And it leads you to be who you want to be. It strips off all those false layers and lets you be free. It makes you realise you are as short as you cap yourself to be. It makes you understand that yes – women too do have a moustache- don’t we ask for equality anyway? 

6.After burning your days out hour after hour in a job you most probably are now bored at – in a place you honestly have become way too comfortable in – this break – this travel bug spices things up. Suddenly you appreciate the tea girl a little more. Suddenly your paycheck becomes much more than bills. Suddenly, you value those little things that most people still cry about

7. If you  dont do the things you love now – if you dont have the money or the time, how in heavens name is that going to happen 10 kids later??

8. For all its worth, Travelling is fun!! Period!!



I rest my case..x x