Fare – thee – well 2013..!

In a few hours another year will come to an end. A year that has given me more ups than downs.  A year that has seen me achieve milestones. A year that has taken me places.

Looking back, there are a few things I would have done differently. But more importantly this is me reflecting on how my year went.

This year saw me becoming an ACCA Affiliate. A long struggle and a tonne of determination paved the way to this accomplishment. It was a feeling like no other!!

This year my dreams with my better half took the first step forward on our journey to our big day.  It was a day of family chatter and laughter as love filled the air.

This was a year that I had decided I would nurture my love for travelling in. 2013 saw me travelling widely – within the country and Imageinternationally. I visited countrysides and green grasslands. Playing with the farm animals and watching massive dairy farming. 

It saw me visit parts of the country where beauty lay hidden in the folds of fine caverns and deep valleys. It saw me visit lakes and rivers in search of some fine reflection time.  It took me to fine wagon stays and tree houses. It showed off wooden walk bridges and fine masai décor. It showed me craters and viewpoints; cobwebbed makuti thatched huts and dropdown pools.20131026_153500


This year I had vowed to travel widely. Earlier this year armed with a great bunch of friends, saw me In Tanzania – our neighboring country. The trip was fun filled and a look into diverse cultures and lifestyles.

I ended 2013 with a bang visiting Dubai in the lovely United Arab Emirates. I havnt had a chance to write on this magnifique trip – one thing on my to-do-list in 2014!


Dubai proved to be a totally different experience. ImageIt was exotic, fun filled and a super start to some globe trotting that I plan to venture into.

Dusty desert safaris, Sharks- yes Sharks!! Penguins in this hot country, Midnight Shopping, Classy Cleopatras style dhow cruise dinners, palm trees upon palm trees..rich heritage – Splendid!!!!



The year also let me experience thousands of places of fine dining. With my passion for food and my better half’s enthusiasm, there was no better end to our weekly travels!

I ended the year well birthdaying it out in the midst of nowhere- Just basking in the wild – putting a classy end to my year of travel.IMG-20131226-WA0006

2014 – I have but not any resolutions for you. Resolutions I believe are not for me. All I promise is to keep the fire alive. To travel even more diversely than 2013. To visit newer places and experience diverse cultures. To be a part of other worlds. To see a few more countries. To celebrate weekends lost in the heritage of our own country.

As I sit back and reflect through what is left of the year, I believe this new year will offer us some more. Discover. Love. Travel.


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